The Crossing

Inspired by true events, The Crossing is an enthralling survival film set in real time and tells the story of a group of refugees perilously crossing from Turkey to Greece in the desperate hope of a better life.

Based on real life experiences, the group set off with confidence only to find out that their boat is less-than-sea worthy. As they struggle to keep afloat they begin to realise that they are alone and must manage the crossing, and their survival, themselves.

Currently: In development

I Am Amber

Amber is 6 and has Down’s Syndrome. As some organisations predict the possible eradication of Down’s Syndrome through a new screening process during pregnancy, this is a feature documentary of Amber’s first few years of school as she navigates her journey into wider society with her twin sister.

Currently:  In prep

Kat and the Band

Everyone has a dream growing up. This is the story of a 16-year-old girl who lives that dream by taking a band on tour, despite having no experience of working in the industry and still being at school.

From a script by Jemma Field (BAFTA nominated for the short Tattoo), based on a screenplay by Michael Mueller (The Beat Beneath My Feet, City Slacker, Dummy). The film will be directed by E.E. Hegarty and produced by the Boudica team.

 Currently: In prep

The Rosalind Franklin Story

It was, perhaps, the most significant scientific discovery of the 20th Century.

As scientists from around the world raced to "crack" the DNA code, four leapt ahead, and were deemed as the principals in the discovery of DNA.

However, when the group came to be awarded for their ground-breaking work at the NOBEL prize ceremony in 1962, only three were recognised for their work. The fourth, Rosalind Franklin, the only woman of the group, was conveniently forgotten.

This feature-length docudrama charts the rivalries between scientists as they raced to be the first to discover the structure of DNA and the struggles Rosalind encountered as a female scientist in a patriarchal world.

Currently: In prep