So what makes Boudica Films so different?


Boudica Film Investment and Production Fund is a boutique operation whose aim is to produce and invest in the highest quality films that have the potential to be commercially and creatively outstanding and to structure superior deals for our investors.

Boudica has a triangular synergy model whereby our investors, the film makers and the Boudica company work in harmony with the aim of creating great films & business opportunities to benefit everyone. 

We are passionate about film and talent and our aim is to also provide the best investment opportunities for our shareholders. Boudica takes a long term approach and we have already established ourselves firmly within the industry and we hope that we can continue to build on this initial success. 

We can offer investors SEIS and EIS tax benefits and already from our initial films that are now commencing the distribution cycle are seeing solid returns for investors. Boudica Films have invested in 'The Falling'; 'Swung'; 'Iona'; 'Pale Star' with the BBC, BFI and Creative Scotland. 

The founders and managers of Boudica have long careers, firm relationships with talent in front of and behind the camera and experience in film development, physical production, financing and sales. That means the company brings with it a wide variety of skills and a unique understanding of the complex processes and challenges that are part of the film industry. 



Current film productions and archive 

The Falling

THE FALLING - financed by BBC Films, BFI, Lip Sync Productions, Boudica Films starring Masie Williams, Greta Scacchi, Maxine Peake to be completed for distribution mid 2014.  

THE FALLING tells the story of Lydia, the troubled girl at the centre of a mysterious fainting epidemic, who is determined to find out the cause of the illness spreading through her British all-girl school in the late 1960s.

Intense Lydia (Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones) and beautiful, rebellious Abbie (Florence Pugh) are best friends at their all-girls school, ruled over by the enigmatic headmistress Miss Alvaro (Monica Dolan) with her deputy, the overtly srtict Miss Mantel (Greta Scaachi). It's 1969
and the girls, like the world around them, are in a state of change. Abbie is embracing her sexuality, even sleeping Lydia's beatnik brother. Lydia, neglected by her agoraphobic mother Eileen (Maxine Peake), has made Abbie the centre of her world, and feels she is being left behind. But Abbie carves their initials into an oak tree on the heath, and promises they will always come back here, as long as they live.

When Abbie faints, spectacularly, in the school dining hall, she and Lydia discover she has fallen pregnant, and things begin to fall apart...

Following her films BAFTA - nominated The Alcohol Years, Edge, and the critically acclaimed Dreams of a Life, writer/director Carol Morley presents her skewed and dreamlike coming of age story The Falling, with director of photography Agnes Godard (Sister, Beau Travail). The Falling is represented internationally by Independent Sales who will be introducing the project to buyers at AFM in December.



SWUNG -Financed by Creative Scotland, Boudica Films starring Elena Anaya and Owen McDonnell to be completed for distribution mid 2014. 

In Swung, David's (Owen McDonnell) life is on the slide: he's in the middle of a divorce, broke and his libido is suffering. His girlfriend, Alice (Elena Anaya), is his rock, but the magazine she writes for is going down and the pressure is on to find a story. While job hunting online, David stumbles across a 'Swingers' site. The resulting inbox of lewd invitations upsets Alice, until she realises this could be just the 'story' she needs. their first reluctant foray is an hysterically
low-rent initation, however, an unexpected upturn for David's manhood is all the extra encouragement they need. As events accelerate beyond their control the once adoring couple become lost and fundamental questions are asked of their relationship and them as individuals.

Based on a script adapted by award-winning author Ewan Morrison from his internationally acclaimed novel of the same name. Graphic, touching and funny, Swung delves deep into the secret underside of a very modern relationship taken to its emotional and sexual limits.

Directed by Screen International Star of Tomorrow 2011, Colin Kennedy (whose short I Love Lucci won numerous awards internationally) and produced by Brian Coffey (Starred Up, Citadel), the film stars Elena Anaya (The Skin I Live In, Talk To Her) and Owen McDonnell (Saving The Titanic, Made in Belfast).

Swung shoots for 24 days on location in Glasgow from late November.